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SAFRIK Safari Themed Adult Colouring and Style Book

SAFRIK Safari Themed Adult Colouring and Style Book

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Introducing the first edition of our safari-themed adult colouring and style book. This unique volume brings the majestic beauty of the African safari into your hands, blending intricate coloring pages with style advice, life insights, and spaces for personal reflection.

Featuring African proverbs and prompts to journal your dreams and goals, SAFRIK is more than a coloring book—it's a guide to infusing your life with the elegance and wisdom from Africa. 

Embark on a creative journey that inspires your style, enriches your mindset, and connects you with your inner child.

If you haven't noticed, the SAFRIK logo features a giraffe head symbolizing our affinity for this majestic creature and our commitment to wildlife conservation efforts in Kenya.

By purchasing this book, you support our efforts to protect giraffes in Kenya, with a portion of our proceeds going to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

This initiative embodies our dedication to making a tangible difference in wildlife conservation so that future generations can also enjoy these majestic creatures. 

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