The Uncomfortable Truth: A Call to Action for Comfort, Style and Functionality in Womens Fashion.

In today's world, fashion has evolved in countless ways, yet one glaring issue persists: the impracticality of women's clothing. It's a topic that deserves our attention and, more importantly, our collective demand for change. From mostly tight fitting silhouettes and a lack of functional pockets, it's time we address the scam perpetrated by some clothing companies and call for clothing that prioritizes comfort, durability, and functionality, without compromising style.

The Pocket Predicament

One of the most blatant examples of this issue is the lack of usable pockets in women's clothing. It's as if the fashion industry believes women have nothing to carry but lipstick and a credit card. This design flaw not only inconveniences women in their daily lives, but also compels them to invest in handbags, creating the need for multiple colours and styles to match each outfit.  This added economic cost, especially in times of recession and rising interest rates, exacerbates the financial challenges many North Americans are facing in making ends meet. The last thing we need is the pressure to purchase more handbags as an accessory to impractical clothing. 

The Gender Discrepancy

To grasp the disparity between mens and women’s fashion, let's begin by comparing them.  Men's clothing typically strikes a balance between style and functionality, offering well-constructed and comfortable options, complete with practical pockets.

On the other hand, women's clothing often presents a different challenge. I've found myself venturing into the men's section in search of t-shirts that were looser fitting for those casual days or weekends, a stark contrast to the snug, body-hugging options emphasized in the women's department.

Indeed, studies and surveys have shed light on the physical discomfort often associated with women's clothing: In a study conducted by the British Chiropractic Association in 2018, it was revealed that tight-fitting jeans, a common women's clothing item, can lead to lower back pain, muscle strain, and restricted mobility.  Another study published in The American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2016 indicated that restrictive and uncomfortable clothing can have adverse effects on women's physical health, contributing to issues like poor posture, back pain, and reduced mobility.

These findings emphasize the pressing need for clothing that prioritizes comfort, functionality, and durability in women's fashion. It's high time that the fashion industry takes these concerns seriously and offers women better options that allow them to feel comfortable and confident throughout their busy lives

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